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Natalie Jörgensen

Njartdesign or Natalie Jörgensen which is my name is 22 years old and living in the small town named Värnamo.

I started to painting at the end of 2015 with a dream of becoming an artist, but I’ve been drawing and painting my whole life.

It all began with me who had a hard time expressing myself in words found art as a way to express my feelings.
My paintings are incredibly personal and are painted both after mood and feelings. The paintings are inspired by different moments in my own life.
Such as happy times, sad, lucky and even darker times. The paintings are usually girls with different forms of emotions and colors. Where my own life is reflected.

All my paintings are handmade in acrylic and are only available in one copy. If you get like a sold painting I can paint a similar one. And I also paint on order if you have your own requests.

Natalie Jörgensen

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